Beginners Guide to Animal Crossing New Horizons

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nimal Crossing was the clear savior of 2020, other than our amazing essential workers. The game saved many a kid, or even an adult, from boredom during the quarantine. Memes cropped up from well-taken photos, and inside jokes, one would only get if you know what an iron nugget is, were created. For those that were late to the party, or simply need a little help here's a guide to everything Animal Crossing.

First Day on the Island


fter going through introductions and such with the residents and Nooks you'll be given a tent to place wherever you please. You'll also have to choose the locations of your fellow islanders tents so make sure to take them into account when choosing where to live. Pick carefully as you won't be able to change these locations for a while, and when you do it'll take a hefty sum of money.


nce you've placed all the tents, Tom Nook (the large Nook with the sweater) will give you simple objectives, such as collecting tree branches and fruit. Finish that and head to the party. Feel free to catch some zzs after this, which is when the real game begins.


nce you wake up, you'll be playing in real time (if it's nighttime when you play it'll be nighttime on the island). Make sure to chat with all your neighbors, you may get furniture or a recipe for being a friendly neighbor. Tom will give you the recipes for "flimsy" tools. You should definitely make a Flimsy Fishing Rod and a Flimsy Bug Net.


fter getting through the first day and collecting the neccessary tools you can start gathering material to craft furniture, tools, or sell them(Timmy in Resident Services will buy anything you have to offer) to pay off your debt. Once you gather enough materials you can learn DIY recipes to help you create and customize furniture. Once you have the recipe, head to a workbech to craft it.

Fishing, Bugs, and Fossils


our island is it's own ecosystem just waiting to be harnessed. There are forty species of fish and eighty species of insects and sea creatures. Explore your island with a fishing rod and net to collect the many animals scurrying around. There are seventy-three fossils (14 stand-alone and 21 fossil sets) waiting to be discovered. Remember, some species only appear during certain months or times so use your Critterpedia app to track which animals are coming or going at any given time. Fossils can be found by digging with a shovel. There will be a star-shaped pattern on the ground to mark the spot. Donate what you can to the museum curator Blathers and sell or keep anything you can't.

Gathering Materials


here are many materials you can find on the island. Weeds, wood, clay, iron nuggets, gold nuggets, stones, etc. are all resources you can find right under your nose. Weeds grow everywhere, wood can be collected by hitting trees with axes, iron and gold nuggets, as well as stones are colleced by hitting rocks with shovels or axes.

Special Days and Events

Special Characters

Character Customization

General Tips, Help and Advice


ere is some general advice when it comes to animal crossing.