Lolita Fashion

This website will be about my favorite styles of Lolita

Introduction to Lolita

Lolita Fashion is a subculture from Japan that is highly influenced by Victorian clothing and styles from the Rococo period. The distinct property of lolita fashion is the aesthetic of cuteness. This subculture of clothing can be categorized into three main substyles: sweet, gothic, and classic. Many other substyles such as

Lolita exist. This style has evolved into a widely followed subculture in Japan and other countries in the 1990s and 2000s and may have waned in Japan as of the 2010s as the fashion became more mainstream.

Classic Lolita

Classic Lolita is often considered a more mature style and is usually more historically inspired than other styles. It focuses on elegance more than cuteness. It tends to be more toned-down than other styles, as some Classic Lolita dresses could pass as fancy "event" dresses. This style occasionally borders on Sweet and Gothic Lolita.

Typical Lolita dresses usually use more muted colors such as dusty pastels and jewel tones. Classic Lolitas tend to use cream/off-white as their outfit's neutral color rather than stark white. Floral prints and solid colors are a common choice, however, fancier or cuter prints are also used. "A-line" instead of bell-shaped skirts are also more common in Classic Lolita than in other styles. Headwear includes round or thin rectangular headdresses, head bows(smaller bows are often referred to as head-eating bows), hair corsages/flowers, and elegant hats.

Sweet Lolita

Sweet Lolita is the most 'child-like' and one of the most popular of the Lolita styles. There is a heavy emphasis on looking cute and girly. Sweet Lolita dresses often feature pastel colors, lots of ruffles, bows, and cute themed prints. Many people mistake OTT(over the top) Lolita as the only type of Sweet Lolita there is, however, many Sweet Lolita outfits can be just as simple or complex as any other Lolita style.

Steampunk Lolita

Steampunk Lolita is a hybrid of both Lolita and the Steampunk fashion. It uses Lolita's trademark silhouette and details with Steampunk's trademark props and accessories. The color palette is usually inclined to the colors used in Steampunk, such as brown, cream, or bronze. Leather and bronze or brass accessories are commonly used in Steampunk Lolita. Steampunk Lolita is often considered more of a special occasion outfit, because of its highly thematic and prop-centric, it can appear costume-like and not normally suited for daily wear. However, since it is inclined to Classic Lolita aesthetics, it's not difficult to work in a few Steampunk related elements into a Classic Lolita coordinate and wear Steampunk Lolita more casually.

Casual Lolita

Casual Lolita is simply a term used to describe an outfit that is toned down for more casual wear. They often favor cutsews over blouses, petticoats without a lot of poof, and minimal accessories and styling. Many times tee-shirts with cute, Lolita appropriate, prints are worn with Lolita skirts to make a Casual Lolita outfit. Any style of Lolita can have a Casual Lolita counterpart to it. Casual Lolita is often confused with Otome because the styles can overlap a bit.

Country Lolita

Country Lolita is inspired by the vast and often, Victorian Farms. It is a mix of Sweet and Classic Lolita, with its defining feature the use of straw accessories. Outfits are kept simple and are often youthful and cute in nature. Dresses tend to be made of gingham or all-over floral prints in light colors.

Pirate Lolita

Pirate Lolita focuses on Pirate themed coordinates and is often a mix of Lolita substyles. It has many nautical themed accessories and is worn for special ocaasions due to it looking like a costume. Pirate themed accessories include tricorns, eyepatches, and props such as swords and purses shaped like treasure chests.

Hime Lolita

Hime Lolita is a substyle featuring royal and elegant themes. The style takes inspiration from the Hime Gyraru fashion while keeping the Lolita silhouette. Common themes are miniature crowns, pearls, lace gloves, and high heels. Hime Lolita is a very over-the-top style, dresses with many frills, ribbons and are usually pink or white. Sometimes the dresses may be shorter than most Lolita dresses.